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Finding community-supported Waller County coffee shops near me is a simple task. Everyone has their favorite coffee shop that makes your regular blend just right. Whether you’re the type to enjoy the big corporate chain or a local coffee shop, we’re not one to judge. As a local coffee shop in Houston, we only want to spread the joy of a warm cup of coffee to more people in our community.

Waller County coffee shops near me

Get your day started right with a drink from The Coffee Drip Company.

There’s something about coffee shops that just make them perfect for people to gather or get work done. They’re usually small and quaint, with ample comfortable seating and surfaces. The smell of coffee brewing and pastries baking fills the air and the sound of people chatting and laughing creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Here at The Coffee Drip Company, that’s the kind of atmosphere we like to foster.

Whether you’re looking for a place to conduct a business meeting, a first date, or just a place to relax and get some work done, coffee shops are always a great option. And if you’re lucky, you might even find a coffee shop that has a selection of the best coffee drinks you’ve tried while offering a comfortable place to relax. Who knows? The Coffee Drip Company might be that place for you.

Check out our online menu today before you come in to better understand what we can offer you. Order online or in person and reap the rewards of a delectable coffee cup to start the day out right. We’re The Coffee Drip Company, and we’re ready for your company, so come on by.

Waller County Coffee Shops Near Me Help the Community Kickstart their Day

Even non-coffee drinkers have to face the facts: coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Some would even argue that it is the most popular drink in the world. It’s made from the beans of the coffee plant, which are roasted and ground. Coffee is a brewed drink with a bitter, acidic taste to those unused to it.

Usually, it’s served hot, but you can also get a cold brew or iced coffee. Most people get it as a pick-me-up in the mornings or before they’re about to go on a long shift. That’s because coffee is a stimulant and contains an ample amount of caffeine. If you need an extra energy boost and don’t enjoy the taste of energy drinks, get a cup of coffee.

Choose from the many different types of coffee drinks available, from simple black coffee to more complicated drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. Here are a few of the more popular coffee drinks:

Waller County coffee shops near me

Come check out one of the most badass Waller County coffee shops near me.

  • Black Coffee – Ever want the simple joy of a simple coffee? Get the taste of a strong black coffee. This is the type of coffee that’s been brewed without any added milk or sugar. You can enjoy the simplicity of life without any add-ons or add a little bit of sugar or cream to adjust the taste.
  • Espresso – Have you ever felt like you needed an injection of caffeine into your veins? Although we don’t actually recommend that, we can get you something close enough. Try out our Espresso Drips. These drinks are usually served in small cups and have a rich flavor compared to “normal” coffee.
  • Cappuccino – Want a drink that isn’t just straight caffeine in a cup? Try a cappuccino. This coffee drink is made with espresso and steamed milk. Usually, it’s topped with foam or whipped cream for a sweeter taste to the madness.
  • Latte – Need some more flavor to your cappuccino? What you need is a latte. This drink is also made with espresso and steamed milk. However, unlike a cappuccino, it’s usually served with flavoring or syrup, such as vanilla or chocolate.
  • Mocha – Now, a mocha takes a latte to the next level by combining the three drinks we just mentioned together in one cup. It’s a drink made of espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk topped with whipped cream. In essence, it just sounds like straight diabetes, but to each their own.

We have an online menu for you to check out all of our coffee drips. Whether you want an espresso drip, frapp drip, or regular coffee drip, we can whip one up for you. Get a glimpse of the madness through our online photo gallery.

Welcome to The Coffee Drip Company

Everyone is welcome into The Coffee Drip Company. Whether you’re a coffee-lover or not, we have drinks and foods that cater to everyone in the community. So, even if you aren’t the biggest coffee drinker on the block, you’ll still find something that will wow you on our menu.

You could label our coffee shop out of all the other Waller County coffee shops near me with various names, but even we have our favorites. We’re a veteran, black, woman-owned, pet-friendly, handicapped-accessible, and community-oriented coffee shop. We know; we’re awesome. Feel free to lock your eyes on whatever aspect you think we’re the best in, although we all know it’s going to be our coffee.

Waller County coffee shops near me

Visit The Coffee Drip Company today before or after you leave work or school.

Come in and sit in our indoor seating or comfortable patio. We have complimentary pup cups for your four-legged companions that want to come in with you. We’re here to support you if you need a place to cool off the Texas heat or a refresher before plunging into a major project. We think people who live life as they want are badass, and we’re more than willing to serve a cup of badass coffee to those like-minded people.

Hey, Welcome to The Coffee Drip Company. What Would You Like to Order?

Here at The Coffee Drip Company, we love our community. We host community events, so contact us to ask about how we can accommodate you. We’re a proud supporter of our local football team, the Cypress Park Tigers. We even have a veteran discount for those who have served our fair country.

Order your cup of coffee online or in person. Regardless of how you go about it, you’ll have a piping hot cup (or cold, your preference) ready for you when you need it most. Call now to learn more about the items on our menu. Or visit our location in Cypress to get a taste of your beloved coffee right now.

The Coffee Drip Company is one of the Waller County coffee shops near me that loves supporting our community, so come by today.

Waller County, Texas Fun Facts:

  • The county seat is Hempstead.
  • It was named after Edwin Waller, one of the original signers of the Texas Declaration of Texas.
  • He was also the first mayor of Austin.
  • For more fun facts, visit the county’s official page.