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If you’re a hardworking individual, life can become about enjoying the small things, like going to your favorite local Houston, TX coffee shops near me. Houston, at its foundation, is built upon grueling, hard work. When your 12-hour work day in the hot Texas sun has you getting up before it rises, you need ethical, local coffee shops near me to help energize and prepare you for the day.

Houston, TX coffee shops near me

Looking for a community space with tasty drinks? Come to The Coffee Drip Company!

One of the Best Houston, TX Coffee Shops Near Me

While driving throughout Houston, TX, in the morning, you’ll pass the same coffee chains repeatedly. Aside from their drive-thru, they don’t have much else going for them. Their coffee is overpriced, and the barista who made your drink probably isn’t benefiting much from you buying it.

You deserve to have delicious, locally-made cups with a noticeably Houstonian flavor. You can feel at ease buying brews that benefit a couple, not a corporation. For this, you can buy locally from coffee shops near me. The Coffee Drip Company is proud to be the go-to destination for Houston caffeine fans in the greater Houston area.

The Coffee Drip Company Mission

Owned by US Veteran Jarrick Johnson and partner Rachel Kennedy, The Coffee Drip Company prides itself on where its story begins. This isn’t the story of a boardroom discussion where the main topic is cost-cutting and increasing profits. Instead, this is the story of two people who love their community and badass coffee.

When Jarrick Johnson and Rachel Kennedy got together a few years ago, they wanted to create a space where veterans, women, and everyone else under the Houston sun could come together to support one another.

Whether the patrons want to chat, look at art, listen to local musicians, or cheer on the Cypress Park High School Tigers, The Coffee Drip Company is the place to do it from 5:30 AM to 6:30 PM on weekdays. The Coffee Drip Company’s purpose is to bring back the missing social elements of your local community.

Houston, TX coffee shops near me

Enjoy drinks with your community when you visit one of the best Houston, TX coffee shops near me.

Bringing Community Back to Houston

As time has gone on, roads have separated our neighborhoods and the advent of the Internet has created a global community. While there are incredible benefits to a globalized society, it comes at a price – a reduction in face-to-face interactions and socializing. You’re more likely to know someone over 1000 miles away than to know the name of your next-door neighbor.

The Coffee Drip Company gives you and your neighbors a chance to come together and find out what your similarities and common interests are. Who knows, you may have a new best friend that lives right down the block!

It’s not about where you come from or what you identify with, either. The Coffee Drip Company is about being accessible to everyone who enjoys coffee, tea, or a delectable pastry. We are proud to have handicap-accessible facilities, and for our non-human, furry friends we even have a large, dog-friendly patio.

At the end of the day, if we had to say The Coffee Drip Company was one thing, we’d say it’s a delicious coffee house built by locals for every local.

What’s Different About Our Cup Of Joe?

We’ve put a lot of emphasis on how important serving the local community is to us. While having Houston, TX coffee shops near me is part of finding the place you want to be a patron of, what’s equally important is the quality and taste. We understand it can be a giant leap to switch your everyday coffee habits, which is why we make sure that it’s worth it.

We provide the standard offerings that you’re used to seeing at your typical coffee house, but with multiple different ways to prepare them and our own unique flavors, you can come to us and order something new every day for over a month. That’s a lot of menu options!

Whether you’re in the mood for a Chai Tea Latte, a fabulous Honey Lavender drip, or a Nitro Cold Brew, The Coffee Drip Company will make your coffee the way you like it every time. If you’re looking for Houston, TX coffee shops near me that use only the highest quality ingredients from around the world, look no further than The Coffee Drip Company. Our delicious drinks are locally sourced and locally roasted.

Houston, TX coffee shops near me

Not into coffee? No problem – The Coffee Drip Company has plenty of exciting drink options.

A Menu for All Tastes

With over 25 unique drinks, we truly have something everyone can enjoy. Even if coffee isn’t your cup of tea, we have cups of actual tea and refreshing lemonades in a variety of flavors to quench your thirst. We want everyone to feel welcome at The Coffee Drip Company, even non-coffee drinkers.

Since we’re located conveniently next to Cypress Park Highschool, we open the doors early for our fantastic local teachers and hardworking students to help them get their day started every day.

We offer a diverse breakfast menu to help you fuel your mind and body so that you can learn and perform to the best of your abilities.

The Coffee Drip Company Proudly Serves Our Veterans

Being a veteran-owned business means a lot of things. It means that, from the top-level down, our store understands hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. We know that getting up to do things you don’t necessarily want to takes unshakeable discipline.

We also understand that just because you make sacrifices for your country, it doesn’t mean that everyone is going to understand or appreciate that sacrifice. The Coffee Drip Company does.

We know that once you finish your service, civilian life can be unforgiving. We also know that basic training has made it difficult to ever sleep in again That’s why we’re open bright and early every single day to offer you a discount on the breakfast and coffee that you deserve.

Stop by one of the best Houston, TX coffee shops near me today to experience the best your local community has to offer.

Fun Facts About Houston, TX:

  • Travis Scott and Beyonce are two pop stars born in Houston, TX.
  • Limburger cheese is illegal to sell on Sunday in Houston.
  • The Astrodome was the first domed stadium in the world.