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Job Opportunities

Do you need gainful employment? Are you working at a job that doesn’t treat its employees with the respect they rightfully deserve? Well, leave that busted-up job to discover a brighter future today! The Coffee Drip Company is seeking professional baristas and newcomers to the craft as well.
We are a growing coffee company looking to fill positions across the board. With a focus on providing our employees with growth opportunities, we are looking for people who are driven, communicative, and ready to take on new challenges.
If you think you have what it takes, apply at the Coffee Drip Company today. We offer career opportunities for those who want to work in a dynamic and fun environment. Also, we are looking to expand to other parts of the city in the future, so if you are interested in working closer to your home, stay tuned!

What Separates Us From The Competition?

The Coffee Drip Company was founded by a couple that shares a passion for coffee. They saw a need for a quality coffee company that could provide an exciting working environment for their employees.
Our company started out small, with only a few employees, but has since grown to a team of talented baristas, and we are looking to add more! We are always looking for individuals who are eager to learn and work hard.
One of the biggest ways we separate ourselves from the pack is our community involvement. We are a huge supporter of the local football team and always hold events here at our coffee shop for residents. Therefore, if you are big on giving back to the community, you’ll fit right in here at The Coffee Drip Company.

Help Us Brew A Badass Cup Of Joe Today!

The Coffee Drip Company is one of the most successful coffee shops in the area and our impression on the industry has only begun! We are known for our delicious coffee and community involvement, being one of the only veteran-owned coffee shops in the area.
We are excited for you to join our badass team of coffee enthusiasts, and we’re excited to meet you face-to-face! If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is not to take face-to-face interaction for granted, so we look forward to meeting you in the flesh.
To get started on your Coffee Drip Company journey, please apply online or visit our coffee shop. We will be in touch shortly to schedule your first interview. Please note that our application is only open to professionals that are interested in brewing the most badass cup of coffee possible.

Become A Franchisee

There is a new coffee company in town, and we are looking for prospective franchisees across the nation. If you are interested in partnering with our amazing company, then be sure to get in touch with us! The Coffee Drip Company is the newest venture from owners Jarrick Jackson and Rachel Kennedy, and they are looking for prospective franchisees to join them in changing the coffee industry.
The Coffee Drip Company was started with a simple mission: to create a more fulfilling and generous coffee experience for our customers. As coffee connoisseurs, we understand the commitment it takes to sustain a great coffee business. We partner with the most ethical and distinguished coffee farmers, which means the best product for your respective location.
Founded by a couple that has years of experience in the coffee business, The Coffee Drip Company offers coffee enthusiasts the opportunity to own their own business while enjoying the benefits of coffeehouse culture, including flexible hours, friendly customers, and independent thinking.

The Coffee Drip Company Is Looking To Expand!

As a franchisee for The Coffee Drip Company, you will own and operate one of our many locations as we look to expand our business platform. Our company is unique in that we offer a business model that is completely transparent, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision about joining our team.
While we have our headquarters on the beautiful northwest side of Houston, we look to partner with individuals who will be able to support our growth in various areas. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to become a franchisee for The Coffee Drip Company, feel free to call us anytime.

What We Offer:

• Flexible business hours

• High self-employment and earnings potential

• Customizable revenue opportunity

• Potential for direct sales revenue growth

• Professional business appearance

• Marketing programs to support

Of course, the specifics will need to be worked out, but this general guideline will give you an idea of what to expect. When you become a franchisee for The Coffee Drip Company, you will have access to our business management team, which consists of Jarrick, Rachel, and our other amazing leaders.
We also offer support with your business permits and other city requirements. We are a team of coffee professionals, and together we know we can transform the coffee landscape. Therefore, if you are interested in making coffee drinkers all around the area get their day started with a badass cup of joe, call us!

What Are The Benefits Of Franchising?

Franchises are booming, and whether you’re looking to reap the benefits of a franchise system, here’s what you need to know. The benefits of franchising are many. When you open a franchise business, you’re not alone. There is a company that supports you and provides guidance throughout your journey.
You will have access to experienced industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge to help you grow your business. And last but not least, you have the potential to bring your idea to life. Franchises boom in part because they offer people the opportunity to be their own bosses while also benefiting from a proven business model and a strong support network.

Call Us To Start The Process!

When you start your own business, there can be uncertainty. Cut out that uncertainty by partnering with the Coffee Drip Company! To get started on your journey to a successful business, we encourage you to reach out and connect with us.
You can shoot us an email or call us any time whether you are interested in joining our team of expert baristas or becoming a franchisee. The Coffee Drip Company is excited about the future of our company. If you’re interested in blazing your own path in the coffee world as well, call today!