Have You Heard Of The Coffee Drip Company? | Katy, TX

The Coffee Drip Company is a new, innovative company that is shaking up the Katy, TX coffee industry. Based in Cypress, TX, and serving the Katy, TX community, we’d like to invite you to enjoy our one-of-a-kind, badass coffees!

We are dedicated to providing exceptional coffee experiences to everyone we come in contact with at The Coffee Drip Company. We focus on quality coffee shops, customer service, and community involvement to be an ethical company. We strive to be the best coffee company in Greater Houston and the surrounding areas. We’ll get there with your help!

Our goal here at The Coffee Drip Company is to give customers the best possible coffee experience by sourcing the highest quality beans, roasting them to perfection, and then brewing them specifically for our local communities.

Katy, TX coffee

Stop by our coffee Katy, TX coffee to experience The Coffee Drip Company experience!

The coffee at our shop is exceptional, and the baristas are knowledgeable about all of the popular drinks. If you’re in need of a badass cup of coffee, this is the place to go.

Try Our Delicious Katy, TX Coffee Now! We Promise You Won’t Regret it.

At The Coffee Drip Company, we only use the best coffee beans to locally roast the finest coffees. Our ultimate goal here at The Coffee Drip Company is to provide our customers with the highest quality coffee at the best possible price.

We are passionate about what we do and hope that you enjoy the coffee as much as we do! Your every drip coffee order supports small businesses and artistry, and it gives back to the community.

We take great pride in crafting our espresso drinks with only the highest quality ingredients to ensure you’re getting an amazing-tasting drink every time. Come check out our great selection of coffee drinks on the menu!

The beans we use to roast our coffee locally are from all over the world, and many of them are premium grade. Our favorite coffee beans come from all over the world, but we also love using beans that are grown locally in the United States. The coffee beans that we use are sorted by lot, origin, grade, and variety.

What Makes Our Coffee Shop Unique Katy, TX coffee

Katy, TX coffee

It’ll be love at first sip when you taste one of our drips!

We are one of very few businesses in the Katy, TX area that is exclusively for people with dogs. Our customers love coming here because they can sit outside with their furry friends, and we love having them as part of our community family!

We also have outdoor seating, handicap accessibility, and a very large selection of beverages, including some of the best coffees and pastries you’ll ever have! Additionally, we understand the vital importance of supporting these communities.

We strive to create inclusive environments that are safe and welcoming for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or ability.

Jarrick is a partial owner of The Coffee Drip Company. He is a proud black U.S. Veteran and adamantly offers discounts to fellow veterans in Greater Houston.

Rachel is Jarrick’s better half in life as well as in business! Together, they are excited to bring their unique and innovative coffee blends to the Houston area!

Our Specialty Coffees and Other Refreshing Beverages

We specialize in rich, locally roasted coffees that are bold and smooth. Our coffee is perfect for any coffee lover looking for a great cup of joe. Each batch is handcrafted by our expert roasters to ensure the best possible flavor and aroma.

We’ve got some of the best espresso drinks in the city, including espresso frappes, cortados, macchiatos, and more. Need a little something extra to get through the day?

Our signature drip coffees are perfect for a caffeine boost! Plus, we serve delicious breakfast sandwiches, and we’re especially known for our savory cheese Danishes! Come in and try them out today!

The Coffee Drip Company – The Best Kept Secret in Katy, TX

The Coffee Drip Company is a hidden gem in the Katy, TX area. This local coffee shop is known for its delicious coffee and friendly staff. The coffee is brewed fresh each day, and the shop offers a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

In addition to coffee, the shop also serves pastries and sandwiches. The Coffee Drip Company is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends.

Our remarkable team is motivated by a shared passion for coffee and all it has to offer. We want to help people discover the best coffee in the world. We have the opportunity to make a lasting difference by investing in our employees, communities, and environment.

Katy, TX coffee

You need a badass cup of coffee, don’t you?

We strive for absolute excellence in all that we do, especially when it comes to serving premium coffees. We always hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience.

Stop by for a Fresh Cup of Joe Today!

The Coffee Drip Company is a local Katy, TX coffee shop that specializes in fresh, made-to-order coffee.

Our novelty coffee shop has a wide variety of coffee beans to choose from, as well as a variety of flavors and toppings. We also offer a variety of other drinks, including tea, lemonade, and more.

In addition to its great coffee, the coffee shop also has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. So, if you’re ever in Katy, be sure to call or stop by and try a cup of coffee from The Coffee Drip Company. Thanks for choosing us as your go-to coffee shop!

Specializing in high-quality beans and smooth espresso drinks, The Coffee Drip Company is a must-go for coffee lovers in the area. With a vast assortment of breakfast items and dog-friendly seating, our coffee shop is a great place to meet a friend, relax, sit back and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Thanks for choosing us!

We are a local coffee shop that specializes in fresh, made-to-order coffee, and we’re here to shake things up! The Coffee Drip Company’s coffee is the best in town, and our friendly and welcoming atmosphere makes it the ultimate place to relax with a pet or catch up with friends with a fresh cup of Katy, TX coffee.

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