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If you are looking for new Cypress, TX coffee shops near me to try out, come to The Coffee Drip Company! Not only do we have excellent coffee, but we also provide a fun and welcoming environment that is perfect for both work and play. So, if you are ever looking for a cozy place to hang out, try us out!

Cypress, TX coffee shops near me

Visit The Coffee Drip Company for a decadent cup of coffee.

The Coffee Drip Company is a veteran-owned business. We are always more than happy to give out veterans discounts! Furthermore, as a Black-owned and woman-owned establishment, we aim to create an inclusive environment everyone will feel welcome in.

This extends to your pets, as well! Our establishment is pet-friendly, so you can take your furry friend along. Additionally, we have outdoor seating, so if your pet prefers sitting outside, you can easily join them.

The Coffee Drip Company serves a variety of coffee near me drinks. We have drip coffee, frapps, cold brew coffee, and espresso drinks. We also offer tea, lemonade, and milk drinks for those who would prefer a non-coffee drink. With all the excellent drinks we offer, there is sure to be something for you!

But what if you’re unsure what to order? In that case, be sure to ask one of our baristas for a recommendation! They will be able to pinpoint an excellent drink for you, whether you are a coffee beginner or a veteran coffeeholic. In no time at all, you will be sipping on a drink you will absolutely love!

So, come to The Coffee Drip Company for incredible drinks and a fun time! Call us today or order ahead online. We hope to serve you soon and provide you with the perfect cup of joe.

What Drinks Can I Get at Cypress, TX Coffee Shops Near Me

For coffee newcomers, it can be overwhelming how many drink options there are at a coffee shop near me. What is the difference between an Americano and a cappuccino, and what is the difference between an iced coffee and a cold brew?

Our expert baristas are always ready to answer any questions you have about our coffee menu. And we are also happy to break down the different types of coffee we serve on this web page!

The coffee drinks we serve can be roughly divided into three categories. There is drip coffee, espresso, and cold brew coffee. These coffees all have varying flavors because of the different brewing methods used to prepare them.

Drip Coffee

When you imagine coffee, what comes to mind? Perhaps a steaming mug or carafe of black coffee brewed by a coffee machine?

If so, you are picturing drip coffee. Drip coffee is made when coffee grounds are placed in a filter. Hot water is poured over it, which extracts the flavor of coffee from the grounds. The mixture is then left to drip into the mug or carafe below.

This kind of coffee near me is beloved and prevalent in the United States because of its rapidness and convenience. Drip coffee can be seasoned with dairy and syrup, and it can also be served cold with ice. If you are looking for a quick, efficient, no-nonsense coffee, drip coffee is your drink.


Cypress, TX coffee shops near me

Espresso makes a great base for a variety of drinks.

Espresso is another method of brewing coffee. It requires a special espresso machine. This type of coffee is made by forcing hot water through coffee grounds at high pressure. When drunk by itself, espresso is usually served in small amounts and has a strong, rich flavor.


However, it is more common to mix the espresso with other ingredients and serve it as a less intense drink. Here are some of the drinks available at most Cypress, TX coffee shops near me. If any of them interest you, be sure to come to The Coffee Drip Company!

  • Cappuccino: This classic drink is made with a third of espresso, a third of steamed milk, and a third of milk foam.
  • Cafe Latte: This drink is excellent for coffee newcomers because the bitterness of the espresso is cut by added milk. To make one, espresso is mixed with at least twice the amount of steamed milk and topped with milk foam. Syrups or spices are often added as well.
  • Americano: This drink is extremely basic and easy to make. Espresso is diluted with water. This makes the drink less intense, and many find it is easier to sip on.
  • Flat white: Similar to the cappuccino, the flat white was invented in Australia and New Zealand. Steamed milk is added to the espresso. The milk foam is excluded.

Cold Brew Coffee

Drip coffee and espresso are both brewed using hot water. Because of this, they often have a bitter or acidic tang to them. However, what happens when you brew coffee using cold water?

Enter cold brew coffee! This type of coffee relies on time rather than hot water to extract the coffee essence from the grounds. Coarse coffee grounds are left to steep in cold or room-temperature water for eight to 24 hours.

The resulting coffee is sweet, mellow, and nowhere near as acidic as regular coffee. Because of this, people who are otherwise resistant to drinking coffee are willing to drink cold brew coffee.

The Coffee Drip Company also offers Nitro cold brew coffee. This type of cold brew is infused with nitrogen gas, filling the drink with countless bubbles. These bubbles add even more sweetness to the cold brew coffee, as well as silky smoothness reminiscent of dairy. However, it contains no added sugar or dairy, so it is low-calorie! Vegans and health-conscious coffee drinkers will love this drink!

Coffee That Will Make You Feel Like a Badass!

Cypress, TX coffee shops near me

Get a delicious drink at our Cypress, TX coffee shops near me!

If you love coffee, then you’ll love The Coffee Drip Company! We offer an excellent variety of coffee drinks made with only the finest ingredients. From classic espresso drinks to refreshing Nitro cold brew, we have something for everyone. Check out our photo gallery to see some of what we can do.

Our friendly baristas are excited to help you find the perfect coffee drink to suit your taste. And if you’re looking for a little something extra, we also offer a selection of pastries and baked goods. So come on in and enjoy a cup of coffee today with our Cypress, TX coffee shops near me today!

Cypress, TX Fun Facts:

  • Up until the 1980s, Cypress was largely rural.
  • Many of the major roads in the area have German names.
  • Cypress is located northwest of Houston.