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Houston, TX coffee

Choose The Coffee Drip Company as your shop of choice.

Fresh, delicious Houston, TX coffee can be yours if you’re brave enough to venture forth for it. The Coffee Drip Company is here to provide you with the roasted coffee you need to fuel your day and revitalize your spirits. Our Houston shop is top-of-the-line and offers you the hot and cold brews you need to win the day.

For a coffee house that can give you the authentic, fresh, locally-sourced coffee you crave, you won’t go wrong with choosing us as your local shop. Our artisanal brews and specialty pastries can make even the most boring morning or afternoon into a luxurious vacation. This is the time to relax and savor our savory coffees and teas, leaving behind the stresses and cares of the previous day behind.

The Coffee Drip Company is proud to serve our local communities in Houston, TX, as well as its surrounding areas. We support our fellow veterans through discounts on our items. In addition, our outdoor seating area is handicap-accessible. As a woman and black-owned company, we are committed to providing high-quality service to everyone in our diverse community.

We serve a wide variety of caffeinated beverages and sugary goods guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of palates. Look through our photo gallery for inspiration. For more information about our fresh Houston, TX coffee, call us today. Be sure, too, to subscribe to our website for more news and updates!

Delicious Houston, TX Coffee Is Yours To Savor

For aficionados and amateurs alike, coffee is like the air that we breathe in. Its popularity is shown through its very ubiquity; across cultures and times, it has been the drink of choice for millions of people. In hot climates and in cold, coffee warms and revitalizes the spirit. Cultivated in the hot and balmy climes of Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, and many more, it is the beverage whose long history gives testament to its time-defying power.

For years as a luxury commodity, coffee has been sought after and even worth sacrificing one’s life for (as well as other’s lives for), as many a coffee lover will understand intimately. But not all brews are created equally, of equal quality. Factors that go into making a good cup of Joe include the quality of the beans, the water, the grinding, and so forth. Drinkers and aficionados alike have different sensibilities, different opinions and tastes, when it comes to the brewing and making of coffee.

For the coffee drinkers and dreamers, or those who merely enjoy coffee once a month if at that, we see you. We at The Coffee Drip Company take the quality of our brews very seriously. Our beverages are sourced from all over the world using our local coffee roaster.

We offer all kinds of beverages in our coffee bar, including hot and iced teas, lemonades, hot chocolate, and much more. In addition, we also serve sandwiches and pastries to complement our unique brews.

Unlike impersonal conglomerate companies, we are very much tied to and a part of the communities here in Houston. We sponsor our local Cypress football team (go Cypress Park High Tigers!) and support our local businesses in general. You can rest assured that when you visit our establishment, it’s one small step for you and one giant leap for coffee-kind.

Houston, TX coffee

Get going in the morning with some delicious Houston, TX coffee.

Sample The Items of Our Delicious Menu

From the most casual of drinkers to diehard aficionados, there are you numbered. Regardless of how you feel about your coffee, our fine shop is sure to have a little something for everyone. We particularly excel at our customer service, which our fine team can deliver with gusto.

Whether morning, noon, or evening, our shop is ready to serve you when you are ready. All of our items are available at all times of day for your best convenience. No matter what your cravings lead you, we can help you assuage them.

Crave a breakfast brioche in the evening? Go right ahead. Fancy an iced tea in the wee small hours of the morning? Not a problem; at our establishment, we center our operations around you, the customer.

Our menu has plenty of delicious, mouthwatering items you can order. Apart from caffeinated drinks, we offer hot drinks such as steamy chocolate milk and hot chocolate, as well as hot tea drips, including tea lattes.

Fancy a cold drink on a hot, humid day? We also offer bottled water, orange juice, and refreshing lemonades and iced tea drips. These can quench even the greatest of thirst during the infamous Texas summers and the humid autumns.

In addition, we provide plenty of confitures and pastries to compliment your beverage of choice, including scones, bagels, cakes, and more. Our particular specialty is our delightful cheese Danishes, a sweet, creamy complement to our more bitter drinks. Order one today!

No matter where your cravings lead you, we hope they lead you straight to The Coffee Drip Company. We are located at the heart of tri-county Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller Counties, so don’t hesitate to drop by today. For the world’s favorite drink, you won’t go wrong with patronizing our artisanal establishment.

Houston, TX coffee

Our beans are some of the finest in all the world.

Call Us Today!

From the addicted and obsessed to the once-in-awhile drinker, our shop is here for you. We open our doors to all members of our community, and make sure our services are accessible by all. You can also rest assured that you’ll be supporting your local communities by supporting a black and woman-owned businesses such as ours.

Our menu includes not just caffeinated beverages such as hot and iced coffee, but milks, lemonades, teas, and so much more. Our scones, cakes, bagels, and specialty cheese Danishes are pastries par excellence and will go splendidly with both our hot and our cold beverages. We have a range of beverages and confitures that can turn your ordinary morning, afternoon, or evening into a luxury vacation, all in your backyard.

For a drink that will give you the fuel and energy you need to power your week, call us today! We are here to serve you. You can rest assured that our company can serve you the best Houston, TX coffee around!

Fun Facts About Houston, TX:

  • Nicknames include Space City and H-Town.
  • At least 145 languages are spoken in Houston.
  • Houston is home to the largest medical center in the world.