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Richmond, TX coffee near me

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How is Richmond, TX Coffee Near Me Made?

You may have had coffee at home, but have you ever wondered how your coffee grounds come to be? The Coffee Drip Company is happy to explain to you the process by which your coffee is made, from tree to coffee shop cup.


Richmond, TX coffee near me production starts when the coffee cherries are harvested from the coffee plants. Coffee beans are actually the seeds of a berry fruit, which are called coffee cherries. Only ripe coffee cherries should be used for coffee; underripe and overripe cherries will impart unpleasant flavors to the coffee.

There are three methods to harvest coffee cherries.

  • Strip picking: A human harvester strips entire branches of cherries, regardless if the cherries are ripe or not. This is a fast method, but these cherries will have to be sorted for ripeness later on in the process.
  • Machine picking: This is used less often than strip picking. This is because flat land is needed for machines, and coffee is usually grown in the mountains. Harvesting machines are expensive, but labor costs can be lower since only one person is needed to run the machine.
  • Hand-picking: Usually, this is only done with specialty manufacturers. Harvesters will only pick the ripe cherries from the tree. The underripe cherries will be left to mature. This usually takes a lot more time and labor, but the crop will typically be much higher quality.


After the ripe coffee cherries are harvested, they must be processed. This means that they need to be dried and washed. There are a number of processes to extract the coffee bean from the cherry.

Richmond, TX coffee near me

We use the best beans available for our delicious coffee.

  • Dry process: This is the oldest process. It is used widely, as it has very low additional costs and resources required. Coffee cherries are laid out in the sun to dry. Usually, coffee manufacturers put the cherries on a raised bed to reduce mold growth. Then, the coffee is hulled so that only the bean remains. This process results in syrupy and juicy coffee.
  • Washed process: Coffee manufacturers in wetter parts of the world, such as East Africa and South America, typically use this process. The coffee cherries are sent through a de-pulping machine to remove the outer layers. Then, they are sent to a fermentation tank for 12 to 24 hours. After a quick wash, the coffee beans are air dried. This process results in a bright, crisp coffee.
  • Wet-hulled process: This method is mainly used in Indonesia. Like the washed process, it begins with the coffee cherries being pulped. After de-pulping, the beans are sun-dried partially. While there is still moisture remaining, the bean is hulled, removing the husk earlier than in other processes. This process results in a heavy-bodied coffee with chocolate and nut notes.
  • Honey process: This hybrid process is mainly practiced in Latin America. This process varies based on the coffee farmer, which results in different coffee flavors. But generally, the flavors of honey coffees are cleaner than dry-processed coffee. At the same time, they have richer sweetness and more pronounced acidity.


However, these coffee beans can’t be used as is. The coffee beans need to be roasted. Roasting creates the flavors so characteristic of coffee. Usually, for home brewers, the coffee is roasted in a large-scale commercial facility. However, some coffee shops near me roast their own beans.

The green coffee beans are emptied into a hopper to remove debris. Then, they are put into a roaster. The coffee beans will lose around 15% of their mass during roasting. However, although the beans experience water loss, their size will double because of the release of internal pressure due to water loss.

Grinding and Brewing

Once the coffee beans are roasted to the desired state, the coffee beans are ready for use. Although most coffee brewing methods require the coffee beans to be ground up first, it is possible to use the whole raw beans for brewing as well.

Richmond, TX coffee near me

Enjoy life with a cup of coffee from The Coffee Drip Company.

When grinding coffee beans, it is important to consider what kind of consistency you want. A finer grind will usually result in greater coffee flavor. Espresso requires this type of grind.


There are many methods people all over the world use to brew their coffee. In America, the coffee machine is the most popular method for home brewers. However, other methods like the French press, cold brew, and pour-over are becoming popular. And, espresso machines can now be found both in homes and in coffee shops near me.

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Richmond, TX Fun Facts:

  • Richmond was named after the town in England by the same name.
  • Fort Bend County was named after a fort located in Richmond.
  • Richmond is located southwest of Houston.
  • For more Richmond fun facts, visit their website!