A Sensational Latte for a Sensational Day | Waller County TX

Make your day a sensational one when you start it with a latte Waller County, TX. Coffee makes the world go ’round. Or at least, it does here at The Coffee Drip Company. We can’t function without our daily morning fix of roasted coffee beans, and we’re sure most of those in our Waller County community can’t either.

Located in an easily accessible area, our mission is to serve fresh coffee to those who need that extra dosage of caffeine, also known as the most legally addictive thing in existence. Coffee can trace its roots back to ancient times on the Arabian Peninsula. Although those civilizations don’t exist anymore, their love for coffee has survived in today’s society.

Latte Waller County TX

The Coffee Drip Company likes to keep our community company, whether you’re recharging or working.

Most people drink coffee as a wake-me-up in the mornings. However, coffee doesn’t have to be limited to only the wee hours of the morning. Personally, we enjoy coffee throughout the day. Whether you need an extra boost after lunch or in the evening to punch out those last few minutes of work, coffee offers the extra energy you need.

When you need a cup of coffee or space to concentrate, visit The Coffee Drip Company! Our coffee shop has a cozy interior and incredible coffee (no, we’re not biased or anything, swear). Check out our online menu and order before you come in, or decide after smelling the smell of coffee when you step in!

Want to Try a Latte Waller County, TX Drip?

Depending on how the coffee is brewed, there are different names for it. But for the general majority, if you’ve ever had a cup of coffee, chances are you’ve had drip coffee before. Although the term may not be common, it’s actually the general term for coffee that’s brewed by dripping hot water over ground coffee. It’s called drip coffee to distinguish it from other ways to prepare a cup of coffee, such as a French press or an espresso.

As our name implies, The Coffee Drip Company specializes in drip coffee. Almost all of our coffee drinks are drip coffee treats. Check out what flavors you want to try today at our coffee shop when you check out our online menu. We split our menu into espresso drips, frapp drips, and coffee drips, so pick the one that catches your eye the most.

Now, how does a latte Waller County, TX differ from the rest of the coffee drinks out there? A latte is part espresso, part steamed milk. Typically, it’s one or two shots of espresso, depending on how you prefer it, steamed milk, and finally, a layer of frothed milk on top. You can drink a latte hot or cold, so it’s the perfect drink whether it’s hot or cold outside.

Latte Waller County TX

At The Coffee Drip Company, you’re in for a badass treat of a cup of Latte Waller County, TX! Stop by for a drink of coffee that suits you!

You can try out several latte options when you visit our coffee shop. Try out any of the following options when you’re in the mood for a latte drink from The Coffee Drip Company:

  • Latte Espresso Drip
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Chai Tea Latte Espresso Drip
  • Honey Lavender Latte Espresso Drip
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Salted Caramel Latte

Your Latte, Your Way

Here at The Coffee Drip Company, we want every drink we make to be one badass cup of coffee. But, of course, good coffee is dependent on the drinker. Whichever way you enjoy coffee is the right way to enjoy coffee.

If you have any specifications for your coffee, please tell our baristas when we take your order. For example, if you need a milk substitute for your lattes, such as almond or soy milk. Of course, this goes for any coffee drink we prepare for you. If you like an extra dosage of STRONG from your French press, or if you’d like another dash of creamer for your normal coffee, we’ve got you.

Not only do we have coffee drinks, but we also have just the right snacks for your drink. We understand that most of our patrons drink coffee during crunch time. Coffee is your constant company whether you’re working, studying, or cracking down on a project. But having no substance in your stomach is also an issue, which is why we also have several food options on our menu, like our famous cheese Danishes.

What Makes The Coffee Drip Company Amazing?

Everyone has their favorite coffee shop they like to frequent. Let us become yours. Although you could use several modifiers to describe us, we think, first and foremost, we’re a coffee shop for the community. We give back what the community gives us, which is why we’re a proud sponsor of the local high school’s football team and have several job opportunities.

Latte Waller County TX

Do yourself a favor and come to The Coffee Drip Company, where you can get delicious coffee and relax in our comfortable coffee shop.

We also have a lot of space with both in and outdoor seating. Whether you’re studying or snoozing, we have the space to accommodate your coffee habits. Not to mention, we’re also a pet-friendly establishment, so you are more than welcome to dip in when you’re out with your four-legged friend. (Psst, we have free pup cups.)

The Coffee Drip Company is a local coffee shop that takes everything to the next step. Stop by our shop when you’re on your way or coming back from work or school! We’ll serve you a cup of badass coffee.

Get a Cup of Coffee Today

If you’re still unsure of what we have to offer, we have a photo gallery of deliciousness to convince you. Situated in a central area between Katy and Cypress, you can stop by when you have a moment in your busy day. Whether you order online or call us to place your order, we’ll have your latte Waller County, TX when you visit.

Waller County, Texas Fun Facts:

  • The county seat is Hempstead.
  • It was named for Edwin Waller, a Texas Declaration of Independence signer.
  • It is home to Prairie View A&M University.