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If you are stumbling through your mornings, a Katy, TX French press coffee can be life-altering! This amazing coffee drink has a long, rich tradition of infusing tired people with energy. Stimulants, in general, have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. However, there is an ongoing debate about which cultures invented coffee. This is a debate that the world seems to have taken an interest in and isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Some theories involve Arabian and Turkish cultures as being some of the first civilizations to invent this life-changing drink. Yet other theorists claim that it was actually found in China much earlier. However, even the Chinese didn’t consider it a beverage but rather a medicinal ingredient for things like tea and cooking.

The earliest written accounts concerning coffee actually come from Ethiopia. Yet, the first countries to officially recognize coffee as a drink were Yemen, Turkey, and Egypt. Coffee was eventually introduced to Europe by Arab traders, where the Moors of Spain brought coffee beans back with them during their occupation of Andalusia.

While the history of coffee is highly debated, the importance of this amazing drink is not. That is why we take pride in every cup we sell and make this beverage one of our top priorities. Therefore, to have your tired spirit infused with the magically rejuvenating properties of coffee, swing by The Coffee Drip Company today!

A Katy, TX French Press Coffee Is A Masterwork Of Coffee Invention

Katy, TX French press

A Cup of Katy, TX French press coffee will help you shake off the cobwebs!

There are all kinds of amazing coffee blends, brews, and drips. However, nothing works as well as a cup of French press coffee when it comes to kick-starting your day. While the French press doesn’t have roots in ancient times like other forms of coffee, it does have quite a distinguished history.

Invented in the late 1800s, the first French presses were primarily used to make craft beer. The first patent for a French press was filed in 1849, and by 1856 there were over 70 patents on the device, with most of them coming from England and the United States.

This brewing method is an obvious one for coffee snobs, but it also has its merits for beginners. The French press can be used to brew a more traditional coffee with higher acidity and body than you would get from drip-style brewing methods, which can often be bland.

You can also use the French press to brew a more bitter coffee than you can get with drip methods. Like pour-over brewing, it extracts more of the compounds in coffee, but unlike pour-over, it doesn’t involve an elegant filter. There really is no beating a cup of freshly brewed Katy, TX French press coffee! It’s simple, inexpensive, and produces a more flavorful, full-bodied brew than drip coffee.

If you’re looking for the best French press coffee, you’ve found it at The Coffee Drip Company! Here, you can pick coffee beans you’d like for your brew, whether it be a medium roast or dark roast. Lighter roasts will result in a more mellow French press cup, but the caffeine will still be there with every sip. We tailor our French press drip to however you like to drink it, so don’t be afraid to tell us exactly how you take your coffee when you visit us!

French Press & Other Drips To Sip

Katy, TX French press

Our team will brew the most delicious drip you’ve ever tasted!

  • French Press Drips – As mentioned above if you want to wake up from a long night or a rough morning, a French press will help you do just that! This is the pound-for-pound champion of the world when it comes to caffeinated beverages. If you’re feeling froggy, tell them to make your French press coffee extra strong!
  • Latte & Cappuccino Drips – Do you need a more mild coffee than a French press yet still want that extra kick of espresso? Our latte and cappuccino drinks are exactly what you need then! These amazing drips will have you awake all while being one of the most delicious things you consume all day.
  • Iced Tea Drips – If you’re from Texas, then you know how huge sweet tea is in the lone star state! Well, your tastebuds are in for quite a hootenanny when you try our famous sweet iced tea! Along with our regular sweet tea, don’t miss out on the best Arnold Palmer-styled lemonade-tea concoctions we have as well!
  • Refreshers Drips – Coffee and teas aren’t the only beverages we sell here at The Coffee Drip Company. If it is five thousand degrees outside like summer in Houston usually is, our refreshers can cool down your whole world! Options like mango coconut or purple tropic drips are some of the most delicious beverages you will ever have!

We Offer More Than Just Delicious Drips!

Katy, TX French press

Stop by our coffee shop to partake in The Coffee Drip Company experience!

The Coffee Drip Coffee offers the best quality coffee in town, but that isn’t all we peddle. Our breakfast food menu is diverse and filling, and our sweets selection is one of the best in the Houston area! When it comes to finding a perfect compliment for your French press coffee, one of our scones or croissants might do the trick!

Also, one of the most popular items on our menu these days is our cheese danishes. This puff pastry is filled with cream cheese goodness and is the perfect compliment to any drip you order! Swing by to look at our amazing menu or place your order on the Clover app today!

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The Coffee Drip Company is a locally owned and operated business. We are located just off Highway 99 in the Cypress area. We are just a few blocks from Highway 6 as well. Being close to both of these expressways means that no matter where you are in Houston, you can get to us easily!

Above all, we can’t wait to see you at our physical location. After the pandemic forced many businesses to halt face-to-face interaction, we are glad things are returning to normal. Therefore, call us or swing by our coffee shop for a cup of Katy, TX French press coffee now!

Katy, TX Fun Facts:

  • At the time of the 2020 U.S. Census, the population of Katy was 21,894.
  • Katy is a part of 3 different counties – Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller County.
  • The original town of Katy was established on the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad.