Your Energy Will Skyrocket With A French Press | Houston, TX

No matter if you are heading to work or getting up for school, a Houston, TX French press coffee from The Coffee Drip Company can help! This type of coffee packs a little more punch than most types of blends that are sold on the market. This is because of the way this type of coffee is brewed. That’s why if you are struggling to stay awake in the mornings, this is the coffee for you!

When it comes to the best cup of French-pressed goodness that you can find, no coffee shop does it like The Coffee Drip Company! We have found the perfect grounds-to-water ratio, and this creates the ultimate wake-up experience.

While waking up might be the ultimate goal, nobody wants to drink disgusting coffee. This is why we choose coffee with the best aromatic profile to give you a taste that is not overpowering yet delicious at the same time. French presses not only make the strongest types of coffee, but they create a more flavorful cup of coffee than other brewing methods.

Also, using a french press allows us to control the grind size of your coffee, which is key to getting the most out of your taste buds! When brewing with a french press, we use a coarse grind because it allows the grounds to expand during the brewing process, while fine grinds won’t expand much at all.

This means that a coarse grind will extract more flavor from your coffee, and a fine grind will create a smoother brew but will extract less flavor. Our medium-fine ground coffee is a perfect compromise for those who want their coffee to be bold without the bitterness of a strong roast.

Take The Plunge With Our Houston, TX French Press Drip

Houston, TX French press

Slurp down a tasty Houston, TX French press drip at The Coffee Company.

Many coffee shops in the Houston area can make you a French press coffee, but none of them can do it like The Coffee Drip Company! Our coffees are sourced from some of the finest coffee farmers in the world.

We work with vendors to help them deliver their best coffee beans possible. This helps ensure that your coffee is as fresh as possible when it arrives in liquid form inside your cup. With an extensive coffee selection and an even more extensive food and refresher menu, this is the spot to score an artisan brew or a delicious pastry.

With loads of experience under our belt, we have developed a cult following for our French press coffee and other custom-designed brews. Our baristas at The Coffee Drip Company are experts when it comes to balancing sweet and savory, which means we can satisfy any kind of palate here.

Enjoy a community table in our indoor and outdoor seating areas, or take your brew to-go when you stop by. Whether you’re meeting up with friends, grabbing breakfast after a night out, or hanging out at home with the whole family, we promise that our friendly baristas and delicious coffee options have something for everyone!

Speaking of something for everyone, we offer many different discounts here at The Coffee Drip Company. Among the savings you can look forward to is our military personnel discount. No matter if you are a current member of the armed forces or a retired veteran, we offer a 10% discount on all products.

We feel this is the least we can do as a company to give back to the men and women who’ve served this nation honorably. We are proud to be one of the few veteran-owned coffee shops in the area as well. Therefore, you can feel comfortable spending money with us knowing you are helping a veteran-run business.

Our Drips

Cypress TX French press

Our drips will help you leave fatigue behind!

Our company is constantly experimenting with new flavors and techniques to craft delectable drinks using only the highest quality ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a classic latte, a cold brew, or a flavor experience you’ve never tried before, you’ll always leave The Coffee Drip Company satisfied. Here are a few drips we can prepare for you:

  • Refreshers & Cold Brew Drips – If you are a native Houstonian, then you know how the blistering heat can make you feel miserable. However, when you buy one of our cold drinks, you can escape our scorching reality and come into your own little oasis. We carry a wide selection of teas, iced teas, fruit Infused teas, lemonades, iced coffee, and decaf teas so you can choose the right flavor to help cool you down.
  • Latte, French Press & Cappucino Drips – If you are visiting in the winter, nothing can keep you warmer than one of our signature lattes, french press drips, and cappuccinos! Also, our tasty hot chocolate drip is a delicious treat that will keep you warm in the colder months as well.
  • Regular Drips – While a French-pressed coffee comes crammed with high amounts of caffeine in every sip, some people prefer a more casual dose. If you find yourself needing a more mellow cup of joe, our regular drip has just what you need!

Check Out Our Food

Cypress TX French press

Our breakfast sandwiches go great with a delicious drip!

If you are in the mood for more than just coffee, have we got a treat for you! No, literally, we have many treats for you here at The Coffee Drip Company. Our breakfast sandwiches are such a great bargain and some of the most delicious sandwiches in the entire area!

Also, the Cypress area has fallen in love with our cheese danishes, and for good reason! These amazing treats are just the right mix of sweet and savory to make your tastebuds burst with flavor. We also serve croissants, muffins, scones, and much more! Therefore, if you are hungry, visit our coffee shop. We are Houston’s best-kept secret when it comes to fantastic breakfast food!

Order A French Press Drip Online!

No matter if you need a French press to-go or you would like to dine in with us, place your order on the Clover app or call today! We will have your order ready within a few moments, and you can enjoy the best cup of Houston, TX French press coffee in all of Houston!

Houston, TX Fun Facts:

  • Houston, Texas is the 4th most populous city in the United States.
  • The Houston Astros won MLB’s World Series in 2017, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • Houston has been the site of NASA’s mission control since 1965.