Incredible, Delicious, and Energizing Coffee | Fairfield, TX

There truly is no greater experience than smelling the aroma of locally roasted and brewed Fairfield, TX coffee in the morning. Can you imagine a better way to start the day than looking inward to our community for a quiet, accessible, and inclusive coffee house? Thankfully for all of those in the greater Houston area, we’ve got the place just for you – The Coffee Drip Company.

Fairfield, TX coffee

You won’t find finer Fairfield, TX coffee anywhere else!

Fairfield, TX, Coffee at Its Finest

Times are tough, and everyone is working harder and getting paid less, compromising as much as possible along the way to keep their finances going. One thing many people can’t compromise on is their source of energy. For many working people, caffeine is their life source.

If you pair the need for caffeine with a tight schedule, most people are left with only a few chain business options to choose from. They have to deal with overpriced lattes and packed drive-thrus to get the fix that they need.

Enter US Military veteran Jarrick Jackson and partner Rachel Kennedy. They’ve come to Fairfield, TX to complete a mission, and that mission is delivering badass coffee to the badass locals working every day to provide for their families.

The Coffee Drip Company is Born

Waging war on the corporate coffee scene, Jarrick and Rachel created The Coffee Drip Company, conveniently located straight down the Grand Parkway, south of Fairfield, TX. The goal of our store is to bring luxurious blends and brews from around the world straight to your community without ridiculous prices.

The great news for you is that not only are you now supporting a local veteran, black, and woman-owned business, but you’re not sacrificing the convenience you’re used to from chain shops. At The Coffee Drip Company, you can order online or call anytime, and your freshly-brewed cup, homemade breakfast sandwiches, and tasty pastries will be ready and waiting for you before you’ve even walked through the door.

A Fairfield, TX Coffee Shop That Gives Back

A few years ago, Jarrick had a vision of serving those who served us. Our men and woman in uniform understand the importance of starting your day early. That’s why to Jarrick, providing a veteran’s discount is pivotal to The Coffee Drip Company’s mission of bolstering and supporting the local community. They’ve sacrificed so much for us, and it’s up to us as a community to give back.

The support doesn’t stop there; hiring local roasters, hosting local musician and artist events, and even sponsoring the local football team are just a few of the ways The Coffee Drip Company shows how much the Fairfield, TX community matters to them. They love Texans, and Texans sure do love them.

Catering to Our Four-Legged Friends

If you’re a dog owner, it can be hard to find a place to bring your best friend without causing some kind of fuss. You’ll probably end up defaulting to the drive-thru to avoid the hassle. At least you can get a ‘pup cup’ for your buddy, right?

What if I told you that our business has pup cups AND a dog-friendly patio where the two of you can enjoy your favorite treats together? If you think it sounds too good to be true, swing by and see our spacious outdoor area for yourself.

Fairfield, TX coffee

Enjoy drinks in a comfortable public space.

What Separates The Coffee Drip Company From The Rest

The Coffee Drip Company prides itself on being community-oriented, unique, and delicious. With the advent of social media, years of unnecessary highway construction, and the general explosive growth of large national corporations, our communities have become disjointed. We drive by the same 10 national businesses every single mile, every single day.

While it’s allowed for some amazing advancements, it’s stifled the growth of the local economies and made coming together to meet and befriend your neighbors impossibly difficult. That’s why The Coffee Drip Company’s mission is so crucial.

The Coffee Drip Company lets Fairfield, TX  locals be who they are in a locally-owned, safe space with true communal values. The Coffee Drip Company offers veterans discounts, dog-friendly patios, and is handicap accessible. Everyone is welcome once they walk through the doors.

Community and Convenience

There’s no pressure to stay and enjoy your drink at our beautiful location either. If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to sacrifice the convenience you are used to. Just call us or order online, and we’ll have your order ready in a flash. With a variety of drink flavors, pastries, and breakfast eats, you can stop by The Coffee Drip Company any time for an unbeatable taste.

It’s easy to see why going back to supporting locals is important. When we foster growth in our community, our community gives back tenfold. That’s why we’re proud of the local events we hold, allowing Fairfield, TX artists to promote themselves to their neighbors, friends, and family.

The Coffee Drip Company is a place for you to come as you are and meet like-minded individuals you can personally connect with right here at home.

Fairfield, TX coffee

No matter what flavor you prefer, we’ve got delicious drinks for you!

When We Say We’ve Got Variety, We Mean It

With over 25 different flavors of coffee alone, we have a little something for every tastebud on our menu. We have the staples of any standard coffee house, like the classic Mocha Latte, Caramel Macchiato, or straight Espresso. If you’re feeling adventurous, however, you can try one of our originals like Honey Lavendar or S’mores.

While ‘drip’ is in our name, it isn’t all we do (although we do have a lot of drip). We’re more than happy to brew your drink the way you’d like, whether that’s a cold brew, iced, or even French pressed.

Stop by The Coffee Drip Company for local, freshly-brewed, and badass Fairfield, TX coffee today!

Fun Facts about Fairfield, TX:

  • Fairfield has more than 3 man-made ponds throughout the subdivision.
  • Fairfield is home to the Houston Outlets.
  • Fairfield has a vacancy percentage of 2.7, one of the lowest in the entire country.