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coffee places near me Cypress, TX

We’ve got all the coffee flavors you could ever ask for… and then some! We are one of the most amazing coffee places near me!

There are many coffee places near me Cypress, TX, but for a truly authentic local coffee experience, you must simply go to The Coffee Drip Company. We have served our Cypress, Texas communities with high-quality and rich coffee for many years. From our humble roots as a small company to our growing team of talented baristas, The Coffee Drip Company is dedicated to the best and freshest brews.

Our specialty is coffee, but we also offer many food and drink options. For drinks, we offer cool lemonades, hot or chill hot chocolate and teas. Our food options include tons of baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, cakes, scones, and bagels. The possibilities are endless!

The Coffee Drip Company is dedicated to our inclusive and diverse communities. We are woman and veteran-owned; for our fellow soldiers who have served our country, we offer veteran discounts. Our team is passionate about coffee and what makes a truly remarkable cup of Joe, and of course, we are always looking for new people with that same passion to join our team.

Of all the coffee places near me Cypress, TX, you can rest assured that The Coffee Drip Company is the one to trust when it comes to your coffee. We are open Monday through Sunday until late in the evening, so no matter the time of day, you can enjoy your very own cup of coffee. Order online today or call us for more information! You can always drop by our Cypress location as well.

Consider Us One Of Your Trusted Coffee Places Near Me Cypress, TX

Coffee: What can’t it do? One of the world’s most popular drinks, coffee’s rich, strong flavor and endless variety hasn’t worn us out before. Coffee shops abound, of course, but not all of them are created equal. Having a quick cup of Joe from your everyday roaster can get you mixed or sometimes straight-up disappointing results.

And if you’re a true-blue coffee connoisseur, you of all people know the importance of a truly great coffee drink. No Folgers store-brought coffee can do, not when you have tasted true artistry elsewhere. From the billions in Brazil to Italy’s coffee brews and the original spice of Arabic coffee, all cultures have their ways of brewing coffee. And sometimes the most innocuous setting can be the place where truly badass coffee is served.

So don’t settle for your ordinary store-bought coffee and overpriced commercialized grandes. Order online today to get started! We can provide you with a cup of coffee you’ll want to savor!

coffee places near me Cypress, TX

We make the perfect cup of joe. We are one of the most artisanal coffee places near me, so order from us today!

Discover Our Delicious Menu!

Our ever-growing menu offers some of the most delicious food and drink options in town. We have, of course, our specialty coffees and drips. We offer delicious espressos, macchiatos, frappucinos, and lattes for you to try. We have options for most any type of coffee drinker, from those who prefer their coffee as black as their outer space to those who prefer a lot of milk to dilute coffee’s bitter tang.

Besides coffee, we also offer tea and other drinks, including hot chocolate and steamy chocolate milk. We know how hot Houston can be, so sometimes the best drink is a cool iced tea, lemonade, or simply bottled water.

Whatever drink you decide, we have tons of pastries and baked goods that will go great with it. For breakfast, try out our sandwiches – we offer bacon and egg sandwiches and a sausage biscuit stuffed with egg and cheese. Our bagels, from cinnamon raisin bagels to everything bagels, also make for the perfect breakfast option. Coffee cakes, chocolate croissants, and a fluffy cheese Danish, our specialty, make for mouthwateringly decadent desserts.

From coffee to teas to lemonade, you will always find the perfect drink you will wish to treasure. At The Coffee Drip Company, we are always looking to spread coffeehouse culture, expanding to other parts of the city in the future. With our delicious coffee and our comfortable, leisurely café experience, you too can experience the coffeehouse way of life.

The Coffee Drip Company is run by and serves coffee enthusiasts eager for quality brews. We are always on the lookout for people to join our growing team, so feel free to check us out. And of course, be sure to order one of our mouthwatering selections from our menu!

coffee places near me Cypress, TX

Our team of coffee experts will craft you the perfect cup of joe today! We are one of the best coffee places near me Cypress, TX out there!

Order from The Coffee Drip Company, One of the Best Coffee Places Near Me!

Coffee in many ways has become the lifeblood of modern society. During the wee hours of the morning when you need to be awake and fast, sometimes a cup of coffee is the only way to shake off the cobwebs of sleep. At lunch, there is oftentimes nothing so pleasurable as a good cup of coffee with something sweet to stem the tide. And of course, the evening cup of coffee with family always makes even a long and arduous day seem worth it.

The Coffee Drip Company understands the importance of needing your coffee fixes, and coffee is great at any time of the day. That’s why we are open until 7 p.m. every day except Sunday. Our store has outdoor seating so that you can really enjoy the leisurely café experience. Moreover, we host plenty of events at our location, so you can always count on a lively atmosphere.

Our location is handicap accessible and pet-friendly. So don’t hesitate to drop by today to get started! Out of all the coffee places near me Cypress, TX out there, you can rest assured that The Coffee Drip Company has the fresh, authentic brews you’ve been looking for.

Fun Facts About Cypress, TX:

  • It is home to the fastest-growing master-planned community, Bridgeland.
  • Cypress Top Historic Park is one of the most frequented.
  • It began development in the 1980s.